Apple iPhone 8 might bring in new gesture control options, removing the traditional home button: Report

The upcoming Apple iPhone 8 might bring a new set of gesture control options, eliminating the need for a home button. The 10th anniversary iPhone is expected to be launched on 12 September and could change the way you interact with it in significant ways if reports are to be believed.

iPhone 8 render

iPhone 8 render

According to Bloomberg, Apple is bringing a software bar replacing the home button on its upcoming phone. The user can swipe up to the middle of the screen to unlock the device. Other expected gestures include swiping up on the screen to open the list of apps running in the background. Previously, one had to double tap the home button to access the running apps. Continuously swiping up the finger above the screen will close the current app. A tweet by Guilherme Rambo shows the new gestures expected on the iPhone 8.

An animation is also being tested, which shows the movement of closing an app. It is expected to “suck the app back into its icon”.

Apple is also reported to have redesigned the multitasking interface. The previous interface stacked one window over the other while multitasking but the new interface will bring standalone windows that can be swiped through by the users.

An image posted on the website shows rounded corners and longer power button on the right side of the device for better convenience. It will feature a OLED display that is expected to be taller than the Apple iPhone 7 Plus (5.5-inch).

The bezels around the display is expected to be symmetrical and Apple is expected to remove the space below screen and at the top of the display. It will also bring “stainless steel band which the glass curves into”. The steel band has cuts on the corners for the antenna as seen on the previous iPhones.

The website also mentions that the display of the Apple iPhone 8 will accommodate 24 icons excluding the dock (a bar at the bottom of the display that shows commonly used apps) on each page. The apps will be lined in 6 vertical rows.

Apple is reported to retain the “notch area at the top of the screen showing a cutout at the top of the apps with non-backgrounds”. The notch has been split up into two parts, left side will show time while the right side of the splitted notch will display the battery life, cellular and Wi-Fi connections of the phone.

According to the website the Apple iPhone 8 will not feature a curved screen as seen in the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S8. The black color of the OLED display of the iPhone 8 blends with the notch color and thin black edges of the phone presents a “seamless look”.

Other features of the iPhone 8 might include facial recognition as an option to unlock the phone instead using traditional Touch ID.

Recent rumours point to a new storage option, with Apple raising the bar for internal storage on smartphones. Apple is expected to roll out the new iPhone models with up to 512 GB of internal storage. Expect the new base models to start from 64 GB with 256 GB being second in line, both of which will be a much-welcomed move.

Wireless charging is set to arrive on all the new iPhone models, this would include the iPhone 7s, the iPhone 7s Plus and the iPhone 8. Recently leaked components from the factory floor indicate that the all iPhones will comes with wireless charging capabilities, just that they won’t be as special as most would expect. This is because Apple is expected to follow the low-end Qi wireless charging standards, meaning charging your iPhone wirelessly, from a distance, is not going to be possible this year.


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