Google Pixel 2 XL codenamed ‘Taimen’ to be manufactured by LG: Report


When Google entered the smartphone market with its self-branded Pixel phones, it marked a shift from its earlier Nexus series which carried the manufacturers’ branding. Now as the company prepares for the second generation Pixel phones, it is being speculated that Google will additionally seek LG’s services apart from HTC for developing the flagship smartphone instead of restricting it to one manufacturer.

If the rumors are to be believed, Google will collaborate with LG for its Pixel smartphone codenamed ‘Taimen’. The information comes from Android Issue Tracker where a bug entry from March by an LG employee notes of a “USB PD Compliance Failure,” revealing the name of the manufacturer as LG.

According to a report on 9to5 Google, the company appears to be interested in LG’s flexible OLED display technology which it might use for the upcoming smartphone. However, this shift from HTC being the sole manufacturer could also indicate Google’s lack of satisfaction with the company’s manufacturing capacity after Pixel and Pixel XL both faced severe manufacturing delays.

However, it is also possible that Google might be considering LG as its manufacturing partner for a third device other than the Pixel and Pixel XL successors, which are speculated to be larger in size than the existing lineup and carry the code-name ‘Muskie’. Now, there are reports which have contested the existence of a third device so this information needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

In one of the recent revelations, the Pixel device codenamed ‘Taimen’ was spotted on a benchmarking website with underwhelming specifications. On GeekBench, the smartphone is listed with a single-core test score of 1,804 and multi-core score of 6,248. The listing further throws light on the hardware which could possibly power the smartphone. According to the listing, the Pixel XL successor could be equipped with Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 835 SoC paired with 4GB of RAM.

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