Google sneaks-in a new podcast player inside Search results

Google, without any major public announcement, has introduced an inbuilt podcast player inside the Search. The search results on your handset will no show you podcast info including episode listings. Users can start listening to the podcast right from the search result without any need to install any app.

In addition to this, the search result also shows a button on top corner that leads to all your podcast subscriptions. It is also possible to add a shortcut on the home screen. There’s no fancy podcast player UI though. It has a basic playback functionality, ability to download podcast for offline listening and controls for the speed.

Furthermore, there are also options to return to episodes that you are yet to finish, search for podcasts that are grouped by genre or publisher. There is a section that also shows podcasts based on user recommendation.


Google Play Music app

It is worth adding that Google had already introduced podcast inside the Google Play Music app. However, with this move, the company is making it easier to access podcasts for users.

One of the major updates to Google Play Music came to India last year in April. The company rolled out its Play Music subscription music in India. The service was launched on iOS, Android and web, giving users access to over 40 million unique local and international hits. The app also gave users the option to download songs for offline listening.

For those not familiar, the app asks users about their location at the time of downloading songs, and playlists can be changed on the basis of location too. As for search, it lets you search music by language or by favourite Bollywood artists and music directors. It is possible to view YouTube videos of the songs as well.

In related news, Spotify is also gearing up to launch its streaming service in India in order to compete with the likes of Google Play Music, Apple Music and Prime Music.

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