Picture-in-picture and better sound: New features of Android 8 – Tech News

Android’s new operating system offers a whole array of options that previously weren’t available, including easier highlighting of text and better sound through wireless systems. — dpa

Following thorough tests by developers, the operating system Android 8.0 is now available to regular users. 

Google Pixel smartphones will be the first to receive the upgrade.

Here are the new features of Android 8.0 at a glance:

Individual notifications: The newly introduced categories, also known as notification channels, have been designed to allow for more detailed settings for each app. This means you’ll be able to allow notifications but block alerts for an app, for instance.

The new, handy snooze feature will display notifications again after 15, 30 or 60 minutes.

Picture-in-picture display: If you prefer to keep watching a film or continue a video chat while switching to other apps, the picture-in-picture display will allow you to do just that.

It will also simultaneously play several videos in small windows.

Enhanced wireless audio: Music transmitted to headphones via Bluetooth is supposed to sound better.

This is made possible by the introduction of various new codecs, such as LADC or aptX, enabling radio transmission at higher data rates and thus in higher quality.

Intelligent highlighting: Everyone who owns a smartphone knows how annoying it can be to highlight a text by using two fingers instead of a keyboard or mouse.

This is what Google wants to make easier: In Android O, related text components such as numbers or addresses will be recognised and highlighted completely.

The feature is self-learning, so it should improve with time.

Power-saving app throttle: Even though the smartphone isn’t in use, the apps usually keep running, using up power in the background.

The good news: it doesn’t have to be like that. Background activities are now limited so that the battery will last longer.

Memory-saving updates: So far, Android updates have always required a sufficient amount of free space.

In the future, however, running an update shouldn’t be a problem even if the memory is filled to the brink, because the download is written directly into the partition reserved for the operating system.

Safe app installation: When using apps from sources other than Google’s Play Store, you had to remember to change your settings prior to installation, which may have often caused you to forget to switch it back again.

This is to become easier in the future: You can make an exception for each app individually without having to change the basic settings.

New manufacturer features: Many smartphone manufacturers will add their own model-specific features to the new Android.

This will also include Android 8.0 user interfaces with their design customised by the respective manufacturers. — dpa

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