Some Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ units come back to life even after powering off

Just days after it was reported that some Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ users were complaining about their phones getting bricked (unresponsive) after shutting themselves off post the battery reaching 0 percent, a new report claims the exact opposite is happening as well!

According to some Galaxy S8, S8+ users, their phones are inadvertently waking up even after being put to sleep i.e. after being powered off.

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Posts put up on Samsung’s official community page and Reddit by frustrated Galaxy S8/S8+ users suggest Samsung’s flagship devices are coming back to life — albeit briefly — after being powered off.

The problem is seen soon after the phone is switched off either by pressing the power button or simply when the display automatically gets timed out. The phone powers itself back on for about 10 seconds before shutting down again.

The problem wouldn’t have been so severe had it happened only once, but the phone keeps powering back on throughout the entire day, which does affect the phone’s battery life, the affected users are saying.

One such user has posted a video on YouTube of his Galaxy S8 which turns off and turns on again, all by itself. The video also reveals that the problem shows up not only when the phone is powered off by pressing the power button or when the screen turns off after being timed out, but also when a flip case is used.

Note: Proximity sensors in phones help it power off the screen when it senses the flip cover closing on it.


Initially, only Samung Galaxy S8 and S8+ users seem to have noticed this strange behaviour on their phones, but lately a few Galaxy Note 8 users have also started complaing that they are experiencing this issue.

There’s no official word from Samsung yet on the issue.

Meanwhile, Samsung has been dealing with a new battery issue discovered on some Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ units, where the phones would refuse to turn back on after shutting down after the battery drains down to 0 percent.

Samsung responded saying it has thus far received only a few complaints regarding the issue and it needs more information to know exactly what is wrong with the phones.

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