Whatsapp delete news update: New addition to save you from a lot of embarrassment soon; check details

People often make silly mistakes like sending messages intended for partners to parents or sending conversation about the boss with a colleague to office WhatsApp group. This was addressed by the Whatsapp as the company allowed users to delete the sent messages. However, there was a little complaint about the feature that people had – that this had a time frame of seven minutes. However, in its latest update, the Facebook-owned messaging app is expected to soon extend the time frame in which a message can be deleted.

“4096 seconds”

Earlier, the messaging app had introduced the Delete for Everyone feature last year in November, but, the condition was that the users were allowed to delete a sent message within 420 seconds or 7 minutes. However, reports now say that the company will soon allow users to delete a message in 4096 seconds, that is, 68 minutes and 16 seconds to be exact.

As per reports, the company is testing this new update available and soon roll it for all WhatsApp users. As of now, the feature is only available for beta users on Android and is yet to make it to the iOS as well. The new update was created by the company after a number of users complained that messages were recovered by the recipient from the notification log. The new update is also said to fix the gif section crash and bring in some more Emojis.

In another remarkable feature, WhatsApp is reportedly working on new ‘Forwarded message’ that will help the receiver aware about the source of the message if he/she has forwarded the message. The new feature was seen for the very first time on the latest Android beta version, i.e., v2.18.67. This feature may be something similar to Gmail message forwarding, where the recipient gets the details of the sender if a message is forwarded.

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