Xiaomi Mi Band 3: Quick look

Xiaomi recently unveiled its 2018 iteration of Mi Band, the Mi Band 3. This device comes as the fourth fitness band after the original Mi Band, Mi Band 2 and the HRX Edition. The ‘new’ fitness band is not actually new per say as it has been there in the China market for quite some time and has made a debut in India only now. Priced at Rs 1,999, the band is an incremental update over the Mi Band 2 that was launched in India back in 2016. The 3rd-generation of Mi Band is being touted for new features and a slight upgrade in terms of looks as well.

We have been using the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 since past few days and while a lot has to be said about this ultra-affordable fitness band, for now we’re giving you our first impressions.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3, talking about the looks, has the Mi Band 2-like appearance on the whole but then minor changes make it different. These include the slight curved main body on all the sides as compared to the flat screen appearance with the Mi Band 2. The button in the lower half of the display has also been changed from a flat circular opaque design to an inward curved design that blends well with the rest of the OLED touchscreen. Not that it will affect the way you wear the device, but it is surely an upgrade over the predecessor. And yes its water resistant up to 50 meters as well.

What’s interesting here is that while the Mi Band 2 came with IP rating, the Mi Band 3 misses out on that. But as Xiaomi explains, you can still wear it and go for a swim.

The screen is bigger this time at 0.78-inch, which is also claimed to be 85% more than what the Mi Band 2 has. This also means more screen estate to show more details. Also, the icons have been tweaked and seem more user-friendly.

The new-launched fitness band is technically heavier by 0.5 grams, which shouldn’t be an issue. The increased weight probably links to the band’s larger 110mAh battery, which is claimed to run for around 20 days at one stretch. We are yet to give a final word on it. However, until now we have no complaints.

As for the features, Mi Band 3, being a typical fitness wearable band, has everything one would naturally expect. This includes tracking your daily step count, calorie count, distance, types of exercises, sleep time and much more. Additionally, you get notifications for app messages (including WhatsApp and Instagram messages), incoming calls, SMS, activity goals, event reminders and regular alerts to keep moving. As expected, you can connect the device with the Mi Fit app over Bluetooth v4.2.

Like the Mi Band 2, this too has a heart rate sensor placed on the underside so you can easily check the intensity of your workouts. We did try it a few times and it has been ‘so far so good’.

For now, the Mi band 3 seems to be good both on paper and in real life usage. To some extent, it seems to be more like the Mi Band 2 but with an improved sensor, larger screen, battery and tweaked looks. It’s appreciable how Xiaomi has been able to keep the overall essence of the look the same while making the package more powerful. We are already using it as our full-time wristband and the review will be out soon. Stay with us to know if this new piece of machinery is worth your money or not.