Amazon ‘Secret Doors’ app contest: Here’s how to win a OnePlus 5 smartphone


OnePlus 5, OnePlus 5 Amazon contest, Amazon Secret Door OnePlus contest, OnePlus 5 contest, OnePlus 5 Amazon India contest, How to win OnePlus 5 free, OnePlus 5 Amazon India sale, OnePlus 5 Amazon sale, mobiles, smartphonesHow to win a OnePlus 5 after it launches? Amazon Secret Doors contest is one way, and here’s how you can play it on the Amazon India app.

Amazon India is hosting an app-only ‘Secret Doors’ contest, where three lucky winners can win the OnePlus 5 smartphone for free. However, Amazon’s ‘Secret Doors’ contest is only valid on Android and iOS versions of the Amazon India app. Further iOS users need to be make sure they are not on the iPhone 4 or lower device. Also Amazon’s app contest is not valid for Windows phones and tablets either.

So what is Amazon’s app-only contest and what are the prizes at stake? Amazon’s contest is in association with OnePlus, given the OnePlus 5 will be launching exclusively on Amazon India from June 22. OnePlus 5 goes on sale on Amazon India from June 22, at 4.30 pm.

Amazon’s contest ends tonight 23:59:59 IST, so this contest won’t last for a really long time. Prizes on offer are three OnePlus 5 devices, while 10 winners can win the OnePlus backpack and another 10 winners can expect to get the OnePlus Bullets earphones. In total, 23 winners will be declared by Amazon for this OnePlus 5 contest.

For those who wish to participate in the contest, you need to sign into the Amazon India app with your account. After that, Amazon will show three doors on the event page, and you have to pick one door to move ahead. Amazon’s contest has quite a few layers, and you’ll be picking a door at each level. After clearing each stage you’ll get closer to winning the OnePlus 5 smartphone.

Amazon says it will decide the winners of the Secret Door contest with OnePlus 5 by a draw of lots. Customers who win any of the listed prizes will be getting an e-mail notification from Amazon with a Contest question. Once you get the email, you’ll have to follow other steps mentioned in this as well.

Amazon will announce the winners on July 15, 2017. Again your chances of winning the phone depend on the number of people who have participated. Amazon says the prize will be delivered to each winner on or before July 30, 2017.

OnePlus 5 launch takes place tonight at 9.30 and the Livestream is available on the company’s official YouTube channel. OnePlus 5 will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, which is the latest one, and it will come a dual-rear camera on the back with 16MP and 20MP combination. OnePlus 5 will also be one of the thinnest flagships in the market when it launches, as CEO Pete Lau has said in the past. OnePlus 5 India launch is on June 22 in Mumbai at the NSCI Dome, and the company has also invited fans to attend the event. OnePlus will gives fans who attend the event a special code to allow them to buy the OnePlus 5 smartphone first.

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