Facebook may soon display Aadhaar prompt for new users to curb fake accounts : News, News

Facebook is testing an Aadhaar-based feature on its mobile site. The social media giant is asking users in India to enter their name as per their Aadhaar card while creating a new account. The move is basically an attempt by Facebook to encourage new users in India to use their real names on its site, which in turn, as Facebook believes will curb the rising number of fake accounts on the platform.

It is no secret that there are innumerable fake account users on Facebook — and the number is growing almost every passing day. With the new move of providing the username as per the Aadhaar card, Facebook is basically aiming at curbing the number of fake accounts on the social media platform. The ‘name as per Aadhaar’ prompt is right now just spotted on Facebook’s mobile site by a Reddit user, and there’s no sign of its existence on the Facebook app or desktop version.

Basically, while creating a new Facebook account via the mobile site, the social media platform is asking the users “What’s your name?” Which is then followed by a message from Facebook that states — “Using the name on your Aadhaar card makes it easier for friends to recognize you.” It is worth noting that you may or may not use the name mentioned in your Aadhaar, it is not mandatory.

This is an optional prompt. However, using your original name not only makes it easy for your friends to discover you, but also curb the spread of fake accounts. Facebook says that “it is not mandatory to use the name as per Aadhaar, just a prompt for users.”

Notably, this prompt may be visible only to a few people trying to create a new Facebook account. We tried checking, there didn’t see any prompt as such. Chances are this may roll out to all users eventually and you may expect to see the prompt in the forthcoming days.

Meanwhile, a Facebook spokesperson confirmed to Gadgets 360, “We want to make sure people can use the names they’re known by on Facebook, and can easily connect with friends and family. This is a small test where we provide additional language when people sign up for an account to say that using the name on their Aadhaar card makes it easier for friends to recognize them. This is an optional prompt which we are testing, people are not required to enter the name on their Aadhaar card.”

It is worth noting that this is just a pilot programme to sign up on Facebook using the names that are available on their Aadhaar cards. It doesn’t ask any further details about your Aadhaar apart from the name and there’s no privacy issue attached to it.

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