PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 update to add zombies mode Resident Evil 2 by February end: Report


The PUBG Mobile Zombie mode hype is getting stronger. Avid PUBG Mobile players wait eagerly for the zombie mode to turn up in the next big update with version update number 0.11.0. The upcoming update is slated to bring in a lot of updates, out of which includes the much-awaited zombie mode. The update is slated to bring in the collaboration of Tencent with Capcom, bringing together PUBG Mobile and Resident Evil 2, and players will have to fight against hordes of zombies and the main boss who is called the Tyrant.

For those who are unwilling to wait for the final stable 0.11.0 update, the beta update for the 0.11.0 version is already out on the internet and interested players can get a taste of what the zombie mode actually is. We played the new update and found the gameplay quite scary with fog around you and zombies walking towards you in the fog. There are different kinds of zombies – standard slow ones which just stumble up slowly towards you, fast ones which can run towards you, acid spitting zombies, monster zombies who run towards you and to kill them you need to discharge close to 50 bullets.

You also get to meet the Tyrant who is the boss you have to kill if you have played the original Resident Evil 2. The Tyrant gets its own health bar and you can watch it deplete slowly as you keep shooting at it. This particular mode has been in the rumour mills for some time now with Tencent Games teasing the crossover’s arrival with updates. However, the fixed rollout date of the PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 with zombie mode has not yet been revealed.

There have been reports of Tencent Games bringing in the latest update for PUBG Mobile before February 10. However, that date has passed with no update rollout. But PUBG mobile has shared a new teaser in order to hype up the upcoming zombie mode. If you are one of those waiting eagerly for the new update, we would suggest downloading the beta update now. A word of advice for those downloading the beta version, make sure you have a different smartphone to play the beta version of PUBG Mobile.

The beta version when we played worked fine, however, developers are still working on ironing out some final bugs and finalising touches before they roll out the final stable update to the millions of players globally. The last update which PUBG Mobile received was the 0.10.5 update which saw new additions like the Mutant AR rifle, laser sight attachment, and various other changes. There were also some issues like gameplay lag and latency which was confirmed by a lot of players.