Why Xiaomi MI LED Smart TV 4 is is the television of the future, at old prices

TVs have had a special place in our living rooms for years, and they will continue to be an important part of our lives. So Xiaomi, which has focused primarily on smartphones, now wants to compete with Samsung and Sony in the TV market. Its latest top-of-the-line Mi LED Smart TV 4 has a jumbo-sized 55-inch panel, complete with 4K resolution and HDR10 support. The 4K set is “smart” too, and it features Xiaomi’s custom PatchWall user interface built on the top of Android, that’s been tailored for the Indian market.

Mi LED Smart TV 4 doesn’t look like the regular LED TV we are familiar with, and that’s reflected in its design. It looks like a television set from the future. The TV has minimal bezels, which makes a huge difference. Measuring at 4.9 mm, Mi LED Smart TV 4 is even slimmer than an iPhone X’s 7.7 mm thickness. Mi LED TV 4 is extra thin on the top half of the glass panel, but it flattens a bit towards the bottom half to accommodate the TV’s internals, which includes a power supply, speakers, and connectivity ports.

Mi LED Smart TV 4

Mi LED Smart TV 4 offers all of the standard connections and features. There are three HDMI ports , two USB ports (one USB 2.0, One USB 3.0) and connections for a coaxial cable , Ethernet, and built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

TV manufacturers have often struggled to come with the perfect remote control. In this case, Xiaomi has supplied a basic remote that’s simple and easy to operate. The remote has a directional ring for navigating the menu, a back button, home button, up and down volume controls, and a power button. It’s Bluetooth-enabled, not infrared and takes two AAA batteries. Unfortunately, you cannot send voice commands to your TV through a remote just yet.

Throughout my testing, I enjoyed watching TV shows, movies, and games on the Mi LED Smart TV 4. The TV is fantastic for watching HD or Full HD content, which I think most of you will be doing. If you own a regular set-up-box with SD connection, make sure you upgrade to the HD one, in case you opt for the Mi LED Smart TV 4.

The 1080p viewing is great, the bright colours and black-levels make the visual experience stunning. If you are a gamer and own a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, Mi LED Smart TV 4 is great for gaming. I plugged my PS4 to see how well the TV respond to games. Overall, games looked good on the Mi TV 4. Mi LED TV 4’s speakers deliver clear and rich sound, if you have installed the TV set in a normal sized room, though I still feel that the audio quality could be better.

Android Open Source (AOC) platform

Mi LED Smart TV 4 is a “smart” TV, but the company’s vision is something different from its competitors. Mi LED Smart TV 4 is based on an Android Open Source (AOC) platform, which is different from Google’s Android TV. The TV set uses Xiaomi’s preparatory PatchWall interface (similar to MIUI) that’s customised for large-screen sized televisions, keeping the Indian market in mind.
Xiaomi says its PatchWall UI is intelligent and it takes advantage of machine learning to know your TV viewing habits over a period of time. The focus has been on personalisation of content, with support for 15 local languages. The interface is easy to operate and there is no learning curve to it.

* Estimated street price: Rs 39,999


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